EV charging station & Solar Panel Installations

At Accraine, we are expects in EV charger installation, Solar carport and  Solar panel installation. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products.

Our mission is to install your home electric car charger and solar panels efficiently, cost effective and safe. 

We can also supply EV chargers for apartment complexes, therefore residents of multi-dwelling blocks will not miss out on the convenience of an at home charging port.

What makes us different?  We are Passionate, enthusiastic and fanatical about electric cars and renewable energy. 

So why use us?

We offer installation for home, public and work place.

We offer the most cost effective charging solution.

Our team have years of experience

Accraine offers a warranty on all installations

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Cable Assembies

At Accraine, we offer services that go beyond the technical part of your project. Our services includes, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, crimped cables, assembly to terminal, battery cables, soldering + potting, wire kit, cut wires and prepared leads.

Before we start working on your project, we will produce one off sample for your approval. We will make sure all

your parts are fully tested and inspected before we dispatch.