CHAdeMO 200A fast charging connector with 6m cable

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                   Outlet side
Plug type: CHADEMO 1.0
Output current: 30A  60A  90A 125A  150A  250A
Voltage :  1000VDC
Pin number : 10 pin
Cable specs: 16~50mm²*2+14*0.5mm²
Ambient  : -30~45℃
               Charger side
Plug type : high load connector
Output current: 80A*4+16*8
Pin :4*DC pin +14*single pin
         General Specifications
Cable diameter :23~45mm
Housing :IP67
Insulation resistance :100MΩ or more(500V DC)
Coil resistance value 38Ω ±10%
Withstand voltage : 300V AC applied for 1min
Weight : 10kg(5m cable)


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