360kW Universal DC Super Charging Station

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The CHR-180/360 is a quick charging station able to charge all type of electric vehicles. Users only need to plug the charging connect to the vehicle and the CHR180/360 will immediately start the charging process.


  1. Multiple output – CCS1 or 2,CHAdeMO,GB/T,AC type1 or 2 and Tesla super charging !
  2. Fast-charge any CCS,CHAdeMO,GB/T vehicle
  3. 0 to 80% in less than 0.1 hour
  4. Safe and intuitive to use
  5. Stationary IK10, IP54
  6. Emergency stop button
  7. Optional network integration (OCPP 1.6 JSON)
  8. Optional built-in communications (4G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
  9. Optional RFID reader
  10. 7~15 inch touch display
  11. Dynamic remote power control via modbus TCP
Category 180KW 360KW
Model Name Multi -Sandards DC Quick Charger
AC Input lnput Rating 400 Vac ± 15%,480 Vac ± 15%
AC Input Connection 3P+N+PE (Wye configur on)
Max. Input Power Single DC plug: 250kVA Single DC plug: 500kVA
AC 43kVA (optional)
AC+DC serve at same time: 43kVA+250/500kVA=293/543kVA
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.99 (APFC)
Efficiency >95% at nominal output power
DC Output Output Voltage Range 50~500Vdc (CHAdeMO) , 150~750Vdc (CCS) , 48~1000Vdc (GB/T), Tesla DC
Max. Output Current Single Plug : 300A/600A@500V, 240A/480A@750V, 180A/360A@1000V
Max. Output Power 180kW 360kW
Voltage Accuracy ± 1%
Current Accuracy ± 1%
User Interface Display 7”or 15″ TFT-LCD touchable screen(Android or Win CE)
Emergency Stop Control Press emergency stop button isolation between input and output Manual release switch
User Authentication RFID
Display Information Charging process and status / Alarm and warning messages
Communication External 3/4G,WiFi and Ethernet
Internal CANBus / RS485/RS232
Outline LxWxH mm 1950X990X980
Standby DC Source 120W X 4
Electrical lsolation Isol on tween input and output
Cooling Forced Air
Input Protection OVP,OCP,OPP,OTP,UVP,residual current dete on, surge protect, cabinet-open deterction
Output Protection short circuit protection, OCP, OVP,LVP,OTP,residual current dete on
Noise 55 dB
IP 54
Net weight 360 kg 580 kg
  1. EV fleets (private and public)
  2. EV dealers and service providers
  3. Employee parking lots
  4. Car-share, Taxi and Rent-a-Car fleets
  5. Shopping Centers
  6. Private EV Infrastructure and operators
Main features
  1. Multi-standards all in one station
  2. Stand alone or network integrated charger
  3. Local or remote monitoring and control
  4. DC power up to 180~360 kW
  5. AC power up to 44 kW
  6. High power factor 0.99
Support car
CCS BMW i3,VW e-golf&e-up, Jaguar ipace, Tesla model 3, Hyundai ioniq&kona,Audi e-tron, OPEL ampera e,Chevrolet bolt EV,Geely TX electric Taxi,Renault new Zoe.
CHAdeMO Nissan leaf&NV200, KIΛ soul,CITROËN C-Zero&Berlingo,Peugeot iOn,Mitsubishi i-Mev&outlander,Geely TX electric Taxi,Zero Motorcycles,Tesla Model S(need adapter)
GB/T BYD,BAIC,Chery,Geely,Aion S,MG,XiaoPeng,JAC,Zotype,Tesla Model 3
Tesla super Tesla type 2 DC: 230A, Tesla US DC : 230A

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