150A CCS combo 1 Inlet / Socket with 5m cable


Quality CCS combo 1 Inlet / Socket without cable
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  • CCS combo 1 Inlet / Socket features include:
    DC input :150A 1000V DC MAX
    AC input : 16A 240V AC / 415VAC MAX
    DC Max charging power : 90KW
    AC Max charging power : 41.5KW
    Insulation resistance:  >2000MΩ (DC1000V)
    Terminal temperature rise.: <50K
    Mechanical Properties
    Coupled insertion force : >45N<80N
    Mechanical life: no-load plug in / plug out >10000 times
    Impact of external force: can offord 1m drop test and 2T vehicle run over pressure
    Case Material : Thermoplastic; Flame retardant grade UL94-
    Contact bush: Cooper alloy+ thermoplastic on the top
    Withstand Voltage 3200V Operation Temp. -30℃ ~ + 50℃
    Contact Resistance 0.5m Ω
    Max IP protection class IP 65( working condition)


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