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This is a 10 kW bidirectional ‘Vehicle to Grid’ DC charger.

Vehicle-to-grid charging system (V2G) is a form of smart charging that is particularly distinguished by the return of
electricity. With V2G, the flexible capacity is more than twice as large as with smart charging.

For the owner of a building (home), V2G has the advantage of
improving the energy management of the building. A surplus of solar energy can
be stored in the battery of an electric vehicle and delivered back when there is not enough solar energy
available. And should the building’s power fail, the electric vehicles are ready
to serve as a back-up generator and still provide the building with power.

Net balance
Network operators can use V2G at a local level for network balance services. This allows locally
generated sustainable energy to be used optimally. This makes the electric vehicle
a buffer at the local level.

The 10 kW bidirectional ‘Vehicle to Grid’ DC charger from Venema E-mobility is characterised by the following
features :
• Installation is easy, quick and safe to perform
• Long service life due to the use of high-quality components
• Higher efficiency use of sustainable energy
• Easy to connect to a mains connection from 3x25A
• 2 year warranty, option up to 5 year warranty


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